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 Hitman 2: Silent Assasin

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MesajKonu: Hitman 2: Silent Assasin   Salı Ara. 02, 2008 12:40 pm

Hitman 2: Silent Assasin

Download Size: (465 MB)
Step into the world of a cold-blooded killer for hire, hunting and stalking your prey in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Obtain a disguise, find a way in, and silently finish the job unnoticed, or kick down the front door with gun's blazing, and take everybody out. It's completely up to you how to fulfill the contract. Be warned, some of your targets are heavily guarded, as well as completely paranoid. They'll b expecting you.
* Completely open-ended game play experience that allows the player to balance surgical precision with visceral violent outbursts. Whether you eliminate only your target, or his entire staff, is up to you.
* Lethal arsenal at your disposal to make every kill an experience to savor. Kill from a distance with high-powered firearms, crossbows and car bombs. Or get up close with an Axe.
* Deadly game of disguise allows you to assume the identity of your victims. If you've got nerves of steel, play it cool. You might just waltz out of here. Just be sure to hide the body.
* Massively Upgraded Game engine features in mission saves, selectable first and third person playable perspectives, enhanced graphics, and destructible environments.
Screen Shots:

Reduced: 64% of original size [ 800 x 600 ] - Click to view full image

Reduced: 64% of original size [ 800 x 599 ] - Click to view full image

Reduced: 64% of original size [ 800 x 600 ] - Click to view full image

Tech Info.:
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Io Interactive
Genre: Modern Action Adventure
Release Date: Oct 1, 2002
ESRB Descriptors: Blood, Strong Sexual Content, Violence
Game Information
Number of Players: 1 Player
Minimum System Requirements
System: PIII 450 or equivalent
RAM: 128 MB
Video Memory: 16 MB
Hard Drive Space: 800 MB
Recommended System Requirements
System: PIII 933 or equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
Technical Support
Visit Eidos Interactive web site at:
Direct Link:


Game Fix:

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Hitman 2: Silent Assasin
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