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 Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

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Kayıt tarihi : 10/06/08

MesajKonu: Dreamfall: The Longest Journey   Salı Ara. 02, 2008 12:31 pm

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Reduced: 64% of original size [ 800 x 170 ] - Click to view full image

Download Size: (3.31 GB)
Dreamfall is a thrilling action-adventure featuring three playable characters, dozens of locations spanning three worlds, exciting set-pieces with multiple outcomes, action-packed adventure gameplay, and an epic and emotional storyline.

* You will never run out of new things to do! Explore exotic locations, travel between three worlds, embark on epic quests, converse with fully voiced characters, fight intelligent monsters, sneak through dark shadows and past dangerous enemies, solve intriguing puzzles, and play fun mini-games.
* Experience the story from three separate perspectives, and use abilities unique to each character: strength, street-smarts, and dexterity.
* From vast cities to deep forests, across the seven seas and into endless caverns, above and beyond anything you have ever seen – the twin worlds of science and magic are filled with challenges and adventure. But in the world outside the worlds – in the Winter – logic does not apply, and nothing will have prepared you for the ultimate truth...
* Multiple solutions and multiple outcomes place you in charge of the story. Make choices that affect how people relate to you; solve conflicts with cunning or with violence; and speak your mind in branching dialogues.
* Interact with the environment through the use of the brand new Focus Field feature, an easy-to-use context-sensitive interface, and fully analog character controls – giving you total power over your character.
Screen Shots:

Reduced: 40% of original size [ 1280 x 800 ] - Click to view full image

Reduced: 40% of original size [ 1280 x 800 ] - Click to view full image

Reduced: 40% of original size [ 1280 x 800 ] - Click to view full image

Tech Info.:
Publisher: Aspyr
Developer: Funcom
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: Apr 17, 2006 (more)
ESRB Descriptors: Blood, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence
Copy Protection: StarForce software protection technology contained in one or more versions of this game.
Game Information
Number of Players: 1 Player
DirectX Version: v9.0c
Operating System: Windows XP
Minimum System Requirements
System: Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz or AMD Sempron 2800+ or higher or equivalent
RAM: 512 MB
Video Memory: 128 MB
Hard Drive Space: 7000 MB
Other: Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Recommended System Requirements
System: Intel Pentium 4 2.5 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 3500+ or equivalent
RAM: 1024 MB
Video Memory: 256 MB
Hard Drive Space: 7000 MB
Other: : Creative Audigy Series Sound Card
Technical Support
Visit Aspyr web site at:
Official Site
Visit the official web site at:

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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
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